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Resonant Surfers


Alessandro Fedrigo(acoustic bass guitar/effects)

Alfonso Santimone(laptop/korg ms 10)

The Dr. Grafenberg spot (g-spot or g-point) is said to be a sensitive area just behind the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix.

Starting from this consideration, in the nineties, during a very long travel by train, three musicians decided to found the "g point klan", klan.g , ...that means 'sound' in german. They decided to dedicate themselves to free improvisations using mostly electro-acoustic and electronic instruments, or more precisely anything that can emit a sound. After the first 'wild' phase, klan.g became a more modular unit; a kind of variable formation.Klan.g has recently released its first official recording intitled “Resonance Surfers” (nBn records) which represent the sum of ten years of sound’s exploration.


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