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Lorenzo Frizzera

Guitarist Lorenzo Frizzera performs a repertoire alternated between a series of original compositions executed on classical and acoustic guitar, and other pieces which are accompanied by live electronics, real time samples and computer‐generated loops. Lorenzo Frizzera is a young emerging Italian jazz guitarist and a multi‐faceted musician who has developed his own personal style through many important experiences in various musical genres, from performing with giants of jazz such as Jimmy Cobb to a lengthy experience in the world of ethnic music, from electronic music to funk, from renaissance music to big budget pop productions.

Lorenzo knows that a solo exhibition is a formidable tool for a musician in exploring his/her artistic identity and this was a crucial factor in his decision to perform this solo guitar recording, which featured a unique and well thought‐out repertoire. Lorenzo knows that for a jazz musician, a solo recording is a true challenge since it requires the ability to maintain the proper balance between creative liberty and articulate, solid construction of compositions and solo spaces, while simultaneously concentrating on producing interesting and unusual sounds. The instrumentation for this solo is particularly rich, ranging from traditional classical guitar to the use of triggers, samples and recorded loops. Of particular interest is the use of a “prepared” instrument, meaning a common guitar, the sound of which had been altered through the positioning of various instruments between its strings (screws, adhesive tape, plast, clothespins, bits of rubber, plugs made of cork or aluminum, etc.) This method, originally developed by Keith Rowe in imitation of John Cage’s “prepared piano”, was further explored in later years by Fred Frith, Derek Bailey and many other important figures in improvisational music on guitar. 


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