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Carlo Alberto Canevali Trio

Achille Succi: bass clarinet, clarinet, alto sax

Yuri Goloubev: bass

Carlo Alberto Canevali: drums

Conduction® (conducted interpretation/improvisation): is a vocabulary of ideographic signs and gestures activated to modify or construct a real-time musical arrangement or composition created and developed by Butch Morris. Each sign and gesture transmits generative information for interpretation by the individual and the collective, to provide instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing, or form.

Conduction3 is inspired by the work of Morris and stands as research of  substance and form of expression through manipulation of written material, extemporaneous composition and the attention to performing gesture, linking element between  emotional impulse that generates and timbre that expresses it.

Conduction3 is a tribute to that subtle form of non-verbal communication between members of a trio format. Communication is made up of glances, grimaces, smiles, small movements of the body, silences that indicate precisely where the music will be directed. Each player captures and transmits these signals and is both conductor and performer of music at the same time.

Conduction3 is a tribute to this magic.


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