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Dimitri Sillato Trio

Dimitri Sillato: piano

Stefano Senni: bass

Giancarlo Bianchetti: drums

Through dark lines that belongs to an “elegiac” vision of music, this band express a paradoxically “white” idea of one of the most common format in jazz: the trio.

However, the interest for the gothic and dark moviment of the eighties and the trip hop of the nineties together with the pianist original compositions  includes the band in a wider stilistc panorama, peculiar to the improvisational culture of the moment: is a mixtures of lenguagies that reach and keep its unique originality.

The trio , born in 2009, presents Dimitri Sillato, Stefano Senni and polistrumentist Giancarlo Bianchetti, who ensures, together with Senni,  a powerfull and earthly energy to the ethereal and suspended Sillato’s pianism.


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